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Saturday afternoon catch-as-catch-can open house

Sorry for short notice...

If people are looking for something to do Saturday afternoon, stop by our
house between 1:45 and 7:15.  Sorry also for weird start times...  This 
make sense to some of you.

We will have soft drinks, some snacks, and a pile of takeout menus.

Please bring toys and possibly a lawn chair if convenient.  If you want to
bring your own food, or food to share, feel free.  Also, please coordinate
your transportation.  Please forward this to someone who might be 
and is not on one of the mailing lists.

We are about 30 minutes from Groton and 30 minutes from the barn.  I will
send directions later.

Please send an e-mail if you think you might show so I know what to buy.

Rachel and Alan Fetters
10 Paul Road
Maynard, MA 01754