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Groton area meeting August 14th

   The Groton meeting will be on Saturday August 14 from 11 AM until 1
We expect to ring lots of rounds on ten.  Featured methods will be Plain
Hunt, Grandsire Caters, and possibly Yorkshire Royal.  Alice can't host
the potluck this time, so we (Arthur & Laura) will host at our house in
Lexington unless people would rather go to the ice cream and fried foods
stand near the school.
    There will not be practice at Old North that morning, so that
everybody will be free to go to Groton.

   We'll start organizing car pools soon.  It's also possible to take
the commuter rail to Ayer and have somebody pick you up.  For people who
want to drive on their own, the school itself has directions at:

If you're driving on Route 2,
take the RT-110 EAST/RT-111 NORTH exit towards AYER/GROTON, exit #38B.
Thereafter use
  Don Morrison's directions:
>>follow the signs into
the center of Ayer. There is a slightly confusing rotary you need to
negotiate, but you basically go straight through it to get to downtown
Ayer. In the middle of Ayer there is a turning to the right for route
111. Take this right turn. There's a bank on the corner. (If you find
yourself going down and under a railroad bridge you've missed the

About a quarter mile up this road the main road bends to the left, but
route 111 runs off to the right (or more accurately, it keeps going
straight while most of the traffic turns left). Take this right (or
straight, depending upon your perspective) turn to stay on 111. At
this point it should be called "Groton School Road." Something like
3-4 miles up this road the school will loom up on your left.

The chapel is obvious. The main entrance to the chapel is through the
base of the tower. The stairs up to the ringing room are to your right
after you come in.<<

Laura Dickerson
(781) 862-3089