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Re: sally colors at Old North

I don't like sallies that are all one color. I think white fades more to 
than to grey. I don't care much about the colors except that I prefer 


>   We  have  Minchin ropes with red and gray sallies now.  We are
> switching over to the Ellis rope company so that we can get
> machine-spliced synthetic tops, which are supposed to be less springy
> and more durable.  Ellis doesn't offer gray wool, and said when I called
> to double check that they can't special order it from anywhere.
> Harrumph.  At any rate, it means we need to choose a new color or
> colors.  There are three strands, so we could get up to 3 colors, or we
> can go with two of one and one of another, or all one solid color.  The
> choices they offer:
> white
> red
> blue
> green
> gold
> wine (like maroon, apparently)
> black
> purple
> Arthur suggests red and black, hoping that the black will fade to gray.
> It's possible that white would turn to gray after enough dust was added,
> but I don't like the idea of that.
> What do people want?
> Laura Dickerson
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