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Advent service ringing time

Because The Mass Formerly Known as the Eleven O'Clock Mass now starts
at 11:15, we will be ringing for an additional fifteen minutes at
Advent on Sundays now: as in the past we start whenever the 9:00 Mass
is over, which can be as early as 10:10 in the winter and 10:00 in the
summer, and will now ring until 11:05. I think this change is most
felicitous for us!

Old North times are unchanged (that is, ringing there starts whenever
the 11:00 service ends, which can be as early as 11:50). Note that we
have fifteen minutes less time than formerly for coffee between the
two towers, but should still have about ten to fifteen minutes
available for a quick cup.

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine. However, this is not
necessarily a good idea."                 -- Ross Callon, in RFC 1925