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Advent ringing

After a few weeks of oddity things are mostly back to normal:

- there is the usual Advent practice tonight; I hope we have a good
turnout as everyone is, I believe, back in town, and we have a new
local ringer, Carter Jernigan, whose just moved here from Charleston
to attend MIT

- I assume the Old North practice on Saturday is as normal

- there is the usual service ringing on Sunday; while not as short
handed as last Sunday, there are still a few people out of town this
weekend (Labor Day weekend) so if you can come, please do; this also
applies to Old North service ringing

- practices and service ringing are normal next week, too!

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"I like to whine. It relaxes me and I ring better."
                 -- author's anonymity preserved to preclude reprisal