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Forwarded message from JohnESchreiner aol com re: Saturday (Don't Panic)

Oh, I think it's worth spamming the ringers even this late. Someone
might pop forward and volunteer.

The important part of this note is second paragraph, looking for
someone to watch after Bridget and Martin for fifty minutes while 
their parents attempt a quarter.

--- Begin Message --- Hi Steve and Don,

We are planning to arrive around 11 to help with the general ringing. With the long drive, the long day, and the need for reasonable behavior, we can't pry Bridget and Martin out of bed too early. They are still tired from an exhausting visit from Kathryn's father, which ended this morning.

I just realised this evening that most non-quarter people might head off to the potluck, which would be bad as far as monster-supervision is concerned. Could you start making noises at the area meeting about someone to hang around, listen to the quarter, and play with the kids? It's supposed to be a beautiful day, they'll have frisbee and baseball stuff, and we'll bring extra lunch. We will make appeals in earnest when we arrive, but if you could plant the seed, it would help.

See you tomorrow.

ps. I don't know if it is worth spamming the ringers this late or not, and what would be involved...

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