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11/01/2016, 4:15 pm, Ali Yazdani, "Visualizing a nematic quantum liquid"

Tuesday, 11/01/2016, 4:15pm

Harvard University
Physics Department
1 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA
Science Center Hall D

Ali Yazdani, Class of 1909 Professor of Physics, Director of the Princeton Center for Complex Materials, Princeton University 
Lecture: "Visualizing a nematic quantum liquid"

Electrons in solids form quantum liquids that are expected to respect the symmetry of the underlying lattice. In recent years, it has been proposed that interactions between electrons can create more exotic quantum liquids, in which the electrons’ wavefunctions spontaneously break the lattice symmetry to create quantum analogs of classical liquid crystal phases. I will describe how we have directly observed such a quantum liquid for interacting electrons confined to a surface of a material and in the presence of high magnetic fields.

Free and open to the public

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