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Hey all – somehow the submission that I sent through on Friday afternoon did not make the posting.  I apologize for the error (I was sending it as I was leaving, and somehow didn’t notice that I didn’t get a copy of the confirmation that it went out).  I just realized that it was sent to an incorrect address (and thus just to me).  I resubmitted it taking off the two Monday seminars.  Apologies that those were missed.


As you can see from the submission, however, there are very few other seminars this week, as a few Universities have already had graduation, and more are coming this week and next.


Given the planned decrease in volume, there will be no more general announcements for the weekly BAPC (as really it will just be MIT and Harvard left around).  Given that, please begin submitting all of your e-mails for colloquium events to


bapc-late cosmos phy tufts edu


We will continue doing that through the remainder of the summer, and then the BAPC regular announcements will start up again the first week of September.


Please let me know if you have any questions.






P.S.  For the people who have already sent me some announcements for next week, I will forward those to the BAPC late site on Friday, so anyone can forward to their groups.  No need for you to send those.  That list includes:


One from Harvard

Three from MIT

One from UMASS Boston