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Hey all – two things that will greatly help with the colloquium submissions.


1)      If you have more than one seminar listed in your e-mail, please state at the very top how many you are including in total.  Often the formatting is such that it looks like there has only been one submission, when in fact there are more at the bottom of the page.  So, if you have three or four, then at the very top simply state:   Four Talks in Total.  That way I know how many to look for.

2)      Please follow the correct formatting of the announcements – namely that the very first line is the time of the event.  A few of you put the date first and then the time, and some of you put the date and time on the same line.  The very first line should be the time.  The second line should be the date.  When they are put in incorrectly, I have to change them, it’s not much time on a one by basis, but over the course of submitting twenty or so talks it can add up.


Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.