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FW: Relativity, Gravity, and Cosmology at MIT (July 10 - 13)

MIT Short Course: Relativity, Gravity, and Cosmology [8.06s]
Date: July 10-13, 2006 

LINK: http://web.mit.edu/mitpep/pi/courses/relativity_gravity.html

Recent advances in gravitation theory and cosmology, combined with
breakthroughs in observational astronomy, are transforming our 
of space and time and our perspectives on the origin and future fate of the
universe. This course is designed both for individuals who would like to
learn the fundamentals of Einstein's theories of relativity and for those
who are interested in the most recent advances in our understanding of the
nature of black holes, other relativistic phenomena in our universe, and 
formation and evolution of the universe itself.

The course will cover a large number of topics, ranging from the
experimental and theoretical underpinnings of the special and general
theories of relativity to the birth, history, and future evolution of the

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