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Technicolor Seminar

Sorry for the very late announcement. Professor Kenneth Lane will
give a lecture at the Laboratory for Particle Physics and Cosmology,
Palfrey House 18 Hammond Street at Harvard University in the
1st floor Conference Room on Tuesday April 25th at 4:00 PM.
A discussion aimed at experimental particle physics graduate
students will follow. Coffee and Cookies will be Served.

"Search for Technicolor"

Technicolor is a dynamical mechanism for electroweak symmetry
breaking and the _only_ completely natural theory of this phenomenon.
Extended technicolor is the _only_ scenario for the physics of flavor and
flavor symmetry breaking. I will describe these two ideas and their
necessary refinement -- walking technicolor. Walking technicolorcontrols 
phenomenology,    implying a low energy scale
for TC and striking and probably unique experimental signatures.