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Correction: Harvard CMT Seminar, 3/29

Room is changed from Jefferson 256 to Lyman 425.

Tuesday, March 29th
Noon to 1:30
Lyman 425
Department of Physics
Harvard University

Condensed Matter Theory Seminar:
Speaker: Sung-Sik Lee, CMT Group, MIT
"U(1) Gauge Theory of the Hubbard Model:
Spin Liquid States and Possible Application to Organic Compund"



<x-tad-smaller>Spin liquid is a theoretically proposed spin-charge separated state where charges are `frozen' (insulating) while spins are `quantum melted' (disordered). Recent experiments indicate that the spin liquid ground state may be realized in a two-dimensional organic compound which is just on insulating side of the Mott transition. In this talk I will present a U(1) gauge formalism of the Hubbard model, from which it will be argued that the spin liquid phases may be stabilized by charge fluctuations near the Mott transition in the triangular and honeycomb lattices at half</x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller> filling. Highly unusual experimental consequences of the spin liquid state are predicted for thermal conductivity and Raman scattering.</x-tad-smaller>