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Late Notice- MIT's NPPC for 3/15

BAPC Late Notice

Monday, March 15th
(refreshments at 4PM)
Nuclear and Particle Physics Colloquium (NPPC)
Kolker Room , 26-414

William and Mary, and Jefferson Lab

Two-photon Exchange Physics in Elastic Electron-proton Scattering

"In recent years precision polarization measurements of elastic electron-proton scattering at large momentum transfers have yielded a ratio for the proton's electron to magnetic form factors which is at variance with the traditional Rosenbluth method, using unpolarized measurements. In this talk, we link this difference to two-photon exchange processes in elastic electron-proton scattering. This two-photon exchange correction at large momentum transfer is estimated through the scattering off a parton in the proton, and the process is related to the generalized parton distributions which also enter in other wide angle scattering processes. We shall show that these two-photon exchange corrections are able to quantitatively resolve the discrepancy between Rosenbluth and polarization data. Furthermore, a prospect will be given how to directly access this two-photon physics by using single spin asymmetries."

Visit http://www.lns.mit.edu/seminars/nppc.html to view the Spring 2004 schedule