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Tomorrow's CfA Theory Seminar

Leonidas Moustakas (STScI)

ACS & SIRTF GOODS: A multiwavelength view of galaxy formation

The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey combines data from the
ground, Chandra, HST, and SIRTF over nearly 0.1 sq. degrees, to depths
that can detect galaxies and AGN at least to z~6.  The multiwavelength
nature of the survey allows galaxies' redshifts to be determined
robustly at nearly all redshifts by a variety of techniques.  I will
present the salient features and capabilities of GOODS, including the
prospects for SIRTF in the next year, leading to the current measurement
of the cosmic star formation rate to z~6.  From this, it is possible to
predict the corresponding stellar mass density evolution, which can be
compared to direct measurements, and LCDM-based model predictions.
 These quantities can establish both the  star formation, and assembly
history in  galaxies.   There is tantalizing  agreement presently, but
enormous uncertainties   and  possible systematics,  which SIRTF-GOODS
will be able to address.

The talk will be held Tomorrow at 12:30pm at the Harvard-CfA
(60 Garden St.) in the Pratt Conference Room.