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Joint Cosmology Seminar of Harvard/MIT/Tufts

Joint Cosmology Seminar of Harvard/MIT/Tufts

Tuesday, Nov 25

Eli Waxman (Weizmann Institute)

The most powerful cosmic accelerators:
       puzzles, models and giga-ton neutrino telescopes

The existence  of cosmic-rays of energies exceeding  10^{20} eV is one
of the  great  mysteries  of  high  energy astrophysics.  Recent   new
experimental results, and   their implications to  theoretical models,
will be  reviewed.  It  will  be shown that   model predictions may be
tested with  high energy gamma-ray,  cosmic-ray and neutrino detectors
under  construction.   Combined  gamma-ray,  neutrino   and cosmic-ray
observations may resolve  the high energy  cosmic ray  puzzle and will
shed light on the nature and physics of the most powerful accelerators
in the universe.

The seminar  will  be held  in the  Gilman    room in Agassiz   house,
Radcliffe Institute (at the corner of Mason and Garden St. 10 min walk
from CfA) at 2:30pm.