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Re: Joint cosmology seminar of Harvard/MIT/Tufts

Sorry for the missing date.

The following talk will be held tomorrow, Tue Oct 28th.


On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Kentaro Nagamine wrote:

> Joint Cosmology Seminar of Harvard/MIT/Tufts
> Markus Luty (Maryland)
> Ghost Condensation and Consistent IR Modification of General Relativity
> This talk will describe the physics of a "ghost condensate", a new kind
> of cosmological fluid that can fill the universe and give rise to novel
> gravitational effects. The fluid has a preferred rest frame, but is
> nonetheless compatible with maximally symmetric background such as flat
> space or de Sitter. In these backgrounds, gravity is modified in a
> nontrivial way at large distances and late times. New phenomena include
> new contributions to dark energy and dark matter, antigravity, new
> spin-dependent forces, and oscillatory potentials. All of this new
> physics can be described by a completely explicit and consistent
> effective field theory.
> The seminar will be held in the Gilman room in Agassiz house, Radcliffe
> Institute (at the corner of Mason and Garden St. 10 min walk from CfA) at
> 2:30pm.