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Today's CfA Theory Seminar

CfA Theory Seminar

Tue, Oct 21, 12:30pm

George Field (CfA)

Mean Field Dynamo Theory Works Fine

Dynamo theory has been used for years to understand
the growth of large-scale stellar and galactic magnetic
fields. Recently Gruzinov and Diamond claimed to show
using magnetic helicity conservation that  dynamo action
is quenched when the large-scale field is still ridiculously small.
With Eric Blackman I have shown that this is incorrect, and
that instead quenching occurs only when the field is of order
equipartition strength. This result has been confirmed
by 3D MHD simulations.

The seminar will be held in Pratt Conference Room (G04) at CfA (60
Garden St.) at 12:30pm.