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Today's CfA theory seminar

Norbert Christlieb (Hamburg University)

On the origin of the abundance pattern of HE 0107-5240, the most
iron-deficient star known

   HE 0107-5240 is a halo giant discovered in the Hamburg/ESO
   objective-prism survey. High-resolution VLT/UVES spectra
   obtained in 2001 revealed it to be the most iron-deficient
   star known. Therefore, this star provides clues about the
   very earliest phases of star formation in the Universe, and
   the first generation of massive stars exploding as supernovae
   of type II.<br>

   I will discuss scenarios for the origin of the abundance
   pattern of HE 0107-5240 in the light of new high-quality
   VLT/UVES spectra obtained in late 2002, which, unlike the
   spectra available so far, cover the UV down to 3100 A,
   making possible the detection of UV-OH lines. I will also
   give a brief overview of the status of the search for
   extremely metal-poor stars with the Hamburg/ESO survey.

The seminar will be held in Pratt Conference Room (G04) at CfA (60 Garden
St.) at 12:30pm.