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Department of Physics and Astronomy, Tufts University
574 Boston Avenue, Medford, MA 02155
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The Tufts Institute of Cosmology seeks both domestic and international applicants for graduate study. Interested individuals should apply to the Tufts Department of Physics and Astronomy via the Office of Graduate Studies. For information about the application process, consult the departmental site here, send email to grasp (at tufts.edu), or contact the Institute of Cosmology directly by sending email to gayle.grant (at tufts.edu).
The Tufts Institute of Cosmology offers unique opportunities for aspiring physicists. On the one hand, the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Tufts offers the personal attention and interaction of a close-knit, medium-sized department. Yet with several active professorial faculty and a strong visiting scientist program, the Institute of Cosmology provides a focus on cosmology that exceeds that of much larger institutions. Thus, it should be no surprise that the Institute of Cosmology has an excellent record of placing its graduates in academic positions (scroll below for a sample of Institute alumni).

Graduate students at the Institute of Cosmology are generally supported with research or teaching assistantships. For information about the graduate degree completion requirements, consult the Departmental guide located here.

Jose Juan Blanco-Pillado (now faculty at Tufts)
Sergio del Campo (now faculty at the Catholic University of Valparaiso, Brazil)
Inyong Cho (now a postdoc at Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)
Mitch Pfenning (now faculty at West Point)
Mairi Sakellariadou (now a reader at King's College, England)
Xavier Siemens (now faculty at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
Tanmay Vachaspati (now faculty at Arizona State University)
Vitaly Vanchurin (now a postdoc at Stanford University)
Eray Sabancilar (now a postdoc at Arizona State University)