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Minutes of Physics Theorynet meeting, 22 August 2020

Physics Theorynet meeting, 22 August 2020

Virtual place on Zoom




Participating Teachers:

Nivedi Das, Sharon

Michael Hirsh, Needham

Mike Wadness, Medford

Scott Goelzer, Coe-Brown Northwood Academy (NH)

John Samperisi, Monadnock Regional HS (NH)


Participating Theorists:


Tomasz Taylor, Northeastern


In this meeting, we shared our experiences with the preparations for a very unusual school year. Most high schools (as well as Notheastern University) are adopting "hybrid" models with students part-time in classrooms and part-time online. This obviously created many IT challenges, starting from broadband, through software, virtual blackboards, tablets, laptops to cameras etc. The equipment used for virtual teaching is the same as used for virtual Theorynet visits, so it is a good idea to invest our equipment funds into helping Theorynet teachers, of course to the extent permitted by school regulations. This equipment will be used in classrooms as well as in future outreach activities. It is clear that different things are needed in different schools. Tom T. asked teachers to send him their "wishlists"  as soon as possible, so we can start planning visits in September. For example, following previous discussions, ipads look like the best tablet choice. The next meeting will take place at the end of September when schools are running fully in the new format.