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TheoryNet Fall Kickoff Meeting, September 28

Dear TheoryNet Colleagues:


First let me thank you all for your continued involvement with this program. For (the few of ) you that were at our June meeting, you might have seen that the target date four our fall meeting was a week from this Saturday, 9/21. As it happens, it now appears that all three PIs from Northeastern will be out of the state on that date! So we are asking all of you to reschedule for the Saturday of 9/28. If you are unable to attend, please respond directly to Brent Nelson at (b nelson northeastern edu).


Just as a reminder, the meetings are held on the second floor of the Dana Research Building, which is GPS located at 110 Forsyth Street in Boston (02115). It is a half-block walk from both the Ruggles (Orange line) stop and the Northeastern (Green line) stop. Metered parking on Saturdays on Forsyth (turn away from Northeastern on Forsyth – right at the Qdoba if you are coming from downtown Boston) is generally available.


Our meetings in the fall are important on many levels, not least of which is the establishment of pairings (theorist to HS instructor), as well as equipment transfers. So I urge all of you to participate. This fall, we will investigate an opportunity for all non-stipended participants (that means tenured/tenure-track faculty) to attend via video link. No promises if we can pull it off this September, but we will try. If this is looking possible we will let all know presently.


Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you all September 28,


Brent D. Nelson

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

Associate Professor of Physics

College of Science

Northeastern University

360 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA 02115

(617) 373-2956

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