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As suggested yesterday, Alex Hawk from Londonderry HS, who is developing the website, signed up to our mailing list.

The floor is now open for everybody's input concerning the content -- there were many suggestions made yesterday, so let's put together all these great ideas.

Here are my own thoughts:

1) There should be a section directed towards potential new participants -- teachers and faculty separately.
On teacher's side it would be a collection of individual experiences, some students' comments etc, which highlight how theorynet experience affects your teaching and professional advancement. It should also try to alleviate the "intimidation factor".
On the faculty side, it should stress how easy and refreshing school visits can be, and how they enhance the outreach part of research proposal and professional advancement.

2) Having in mind potential growth, I would encourage some type of forum, not necessarily on-site, but an option of connecting to the Google Group I created few month ago. I have no slightest idea how Twitter works, but I guess some similar "hashtags" could be listed from Google Groups once somebody starts a discussion.
A typical entry could look like Ken's remark on the Avogadro number
now long forgotten but still useful.

This could also be place for sharing some powerpoint presentations etc (I guess "Drive" or "Documents"?). Integration with Google + seems like a good idea.

Nevertheless I agree that traditional emails should remain as the main means of communication. There should be a link to the thread index http://cosmos.phy.tufts.edu/mhonarc/physicstheorynet/threads.html#00099

3) Wiki for demonstration equipment: short description with some info what one needs for set up etc, who has it now and a link for contacting him/her with a request for transfer.


Tomasz Taylor, Professor
Department of Physics
208 Dana Research Center
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115