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letters supporting NSF renewal of Theorynet grant

Dear Theorynet Teachers:

As you know, Theorynet is supported by the National Science Foundation, integrated into Northeastern high energy theory group grant. The support consists of stipend money, travel and equipment (projectors, demonstrations, computers etc). The program exists for almost 9 years (the first email was from 12/14/03),   expanded to NH and RI, and now involves twice as many physicists and teachers as in 2003, from a wide spectrum of schools and universities.

We are asking  teachers to write letters supporting renewal of NSF Theorynet funding, addressed to NSF Division of Physics, but emailed to us for attaching to the proposal. It would be good to write something about your schools, describing your involvement and the benefits of visits, both for your students and for you, personally. It would be also good to know if you feel that we have some positive impact on female/minority underrepresentation is science classes (as we discussed it at the last meeting).


Brent and Tom

PS. We are planning to have the proposal ready by the end of this month.