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Re-scheduling first meeting of the academic year

Dear TheoryNet Participants:

We had picked September 8th as our meeting date for the fall semester. As it happens, the Northeastern contingent of Tom and myself are not available on that date. The following Saturday is a holiday. So unless there are multiple objections, we need to re-schedule our first meeting to September 22. The time and place would remain the same, of course.

I will send a longer confirmatory email after receiving any feedback on the date. Expect to see that early next week.


P.S. The stipends are being processed. We apologize for the long delay in getting those out to you. We had our grant manager depart over the summer so things have slowed down while the replacement got up to speed.

Brent Nelson
Department of Physics
Northeastern University
110 Forsyth Street
111 Dana Research Center
Boston, MA 02115