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rlevergood metrocast net

Dear Friends,

I am back from sabbatical leave and will take over from Brent 
coordination of the meetings. First of all, I would like to congratulate 
Brent for enlarging his family by two boys. I also want to thank him for 
leading this project over the last two years.

Since the original September 17 date falls on one of my special family 
events, I would like to reschedule it to September 24. Please let me 
know in case of conflicts. I would like to have as many participants as 
possible because this will be an important year. I would like to start 
some type of "evaluation" process that would assess Theorynet's 
effectiveness. I talked about it some time ago with Per, and we have 
some ideas how to do it, but please think about it in advance and let's 
talk about it at the meeting.
In addition, we will revise/set up pairings, report on visits, introduce 
new participants etc.

So I hope to see you all on September 24.
First time participants can consult http://www.campusmap.neu.edu 
<http://www.campusmap.neu.edu/> for directions. Dana Building is on 
Forsyth street, number 57 on the map and Room 218 is on the second 
floor. There is a public parking available in the Renaissance Park 
Garage off Columbus Ave, number 62, for a reduced weekend rate of 
$6/day. Note also that we are next door to Ruggles Orange Line T/MBTA 
commuter station.

Best regards,