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advertising at May APS/AAPT meeting

Hi everybody,
I would like to use the opportunity offered by the upcoming May 8-9 NES APS/AAPT meeting at Northeastern, see http://neu.edu/nesaps/ to advertise Theorynet. We could set up a table with fliers and a trifold-size poster with our sign and basic info how to join in a big, visible print. To make it effective, we would need some of our teachers to stand at the table -- they could talk to their colleagues and encourage to join. I think that the table should be attended just before the opening, when much of registration take place, between 12 and 1 on Friday, then during the poster session before the Friday's banquet, 6-7 PM (by the way, the confirmed banquet speaker is Leon Lederman) and finally on Saturday morning, during the break between parallel and planary sessions, 9-10:30 AM. Please let me know if you could help in preparing the poster and stand at the table for some time.

Also, Brent and Per let me know if you need some materials for your presentations (I think 15 minutes should be completely sufficient for each talk). We will schedule you on Saturday morning in one of APS parallel session (Einstein's waves) and in one of AAPT sessions.