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Re: Saturday meeting -- Physics Theorynet

I propose that we advertise Theory Net by sending flyers to all high
school physics teachers in the Greater Boston area, probably as far
west as Worcester, as far north as Concord, NH, and as far south as
Providence.  It appears that we can get mailing addresses in
electronic form for $200 from MCH (http://www.mailings.com).  We can
give the addresses and the files of the flyer to a print shop that
will print and mail them.  The whole thing would not be much effort,
and would probably cost no more than $600 for something like 500

Since I have no idea how high a response rate we might get, I propose
starting out by sending, say, 10% of the total, concentrating on areas
near Boston, and seeing what happens.  If we don't get much response, we
can send out the entire set.

What do you think?