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Re: GK-12 NSF grants

I think that it is safe to assume that there will be at least one student 
interested from each college. I suggest looking at 
from where you can follow to "Abstracts of Recent Awards..." link to get 
inspiration  (by the way they are .4 M$/year on the average). I see some 
really fascinating ideas, like in "Advancing Geospatial Skills...." which 
far beyond a graduate students assisting teacher's class.  I am sure that 
can get many good ideas by carefully reading these abstracts.

There is lots of emphasis on the "professional development" of teachers. I 
just want to make it clear that the participating teachers, in addition to 
4.5K/year stipend, are also entitled to additional allowances towards 
professional development. By the way, students' 30-40K$/year includes 
tuition, so they end up with more or less the same net monthly stipends as 
other TA's supported in more traditional ways.
Please make effort to come up with creative ideas. It's really worth it:
teachers' careers could get a big boost, physicists could bring lots of TA 
money to their institutions etc...
Best regards,

>I asked for a show of hands among the graduate students here at Tufts
>and found one student who is very interested in being one of these
>K-12 teaching fellows if we get a grant for such things.
>                                        Ken
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