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GK-12 NSF grants

As I promised, I looked into the program description of "NSF graduate 
fellows in K-12 education -- GK-12" grants supporting graduate students 
working 10hrs/week with high school teachers. I think that this is a great 
opportunity. I believe that we stand very good chances for winning such a 
grant, especially if we combine our forces with Quarknet.
The full document is at 

I think that we could apply for 5-7 fellowships (approx $40K/year/student
plus $4.5/teacher/year). I believe that theorists/experimentalists
could find 5-7 students meeting green-card requirements etc. The main 
is if the teachers can propose some interesting, useful tasks for 
fitting into the program description:

"GK-12 Fellows, selected by awardee institutions, will work directly with
GK-12 Teachers in and out of the classroom to, for example: connect K-12
learning to scientific methods needed for further study in STEM
disciplines; provide role models for future STEM professionals; enhance
GK-12 teachers' content knowledge and understanding of principles of
mathematics and the sciences; and jointly design and deliver K-12 science
and mathematics instruction."

So please discuss this with your colleagues, in school (including the 
principal whose approval/support/enthusiasm would be necessary) and in 
Quarknet/Theorynet meetings.


The deadline will be in Spring, but I see that such a proposal writing 
be a very complex, time-consuming task (after all, it would be worth  
Here are the relevant excerpts of the program description.

STEM == science


The objectives of the GK-12 program are: 1) to support highly qualified
graduate students in NSF- supported STEM disciplines through Fellowships to
provide them with an opportunity to acquire additional skills that will
broadly prepare them for professional and scientific careers in the 21st
century; 2) to improve STEM instruction in K-12 schools; and 3) to provide
institutions of higher education with an opportunity to make a permanent
change in their graduate programs by including partnerships with K-12
schools in a manner that is of mutual benefit to their faculties and

Expected project outcomes include:

   * improved communication, teaching and team building skills for Fellows;
   * content gain and professional development opportunities for GK-12
   * enriched learning by K-12 students;
   * incorporation of GK-12 like activities as an integral part of the
     institution's graduate programs in STEM;
   * strengthened partnerships between higher education institutions and
     local school districts; and
   * documentation of project outcomes and activities that can be used to
     improve graduate education.


  Graduate Fellows

     GK-12 Fellows will be selected by awardee institutions. They must
     be full time graduate students enrolled in STEM programs during
     their tenure as Fellows. In addition, they must be citizens,
     nationals or permanent residents of the United States. Foreign
     students who hold student visas are not eligible.

  GK-12 Teachers

     GK-12 Teachers should have sufficient experience in pedagogy to
     help improve the communication and teaching skills of the GK-12


  A. Number and Size of Awards

     The number and size of awards will vary depending upon the scope
     of projects and availability of funds. It is anticipated that
     approximately 28 total institutional awards will be made. Track 1
     awards will range from $300,000 to $660,000 per year for up to
     three years. 

  B. Stipends and Allowances

     The stipend for a graduate student will be $30,000 for a 12-month
     tenure pending availability of funds. NSF also provides a
     cost-of-education allowance for tuition, health insurance, and
     normal fees of $10,500 per year per student (for 12 months). If
     this allowance is not fully required, then it may be used to
     support other GK-12 student-related activities.

     All Fellows will spend a minimum of ten hours per week providing
     direct assistance to K-12 Teachers and five hours of preparation
     outside of the classroom.

     The stipends for GK-12 Teachers may be up to 15% of the funds
     allocated for a Fellow's stipend (i.e. 15% of $30,000 or $4,500
     per year). The stipends for GK-12 Teachers may support
     participation in summer educational institutes, travel support
     for professional meetings, involvement in weekend and evening
     workshops, and after-hours mentoring of Fellows through the

Best regards,