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[rosemary millham gsfc nasa gov: Lunar and Meteorite Certification]

People on this list might be interested in this lunar sample
certification which authorizes you to borrow small samples of moon
rock (encased in Lucite) for classroom use.


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From: Rosemary Millham <rosemary millham gsfc nasa gov>
Subject: Lunar and Meteorite Certification
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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 13:42:19 -0500

>Hello All,

An opportunity for NASA Lunar and Meteorite certification will be 
taking place in Wolfeboro, NH this February 3, 2005, hosted by 
Wolfeboro Schools and Dan Caron in NH. Certification in Lunar and 
Meteorites provides informative content, cutting edge science, and 
activities for educators to use in the classroom, as well as the 
certification to borrow REAL Lunar and Meteorite samples from the 
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's ERC. If you are interested in 
attending the full day training, please contact Dan Caron at the 
contact information below, and fill out the on-line registration form 
(URL provided below).

Thank you,
Ro Millham

>Lunar/Meteorite Certification Workshop, February 3, 2005
>8:30 - 3:30
>Participants will become certified to receive Lunar and Meteorite 
>Samples from the NASA GSFC ERC.
>Location: Kingswood Regional High School
>396 South Main Street
>Wolfeboro, NH
>Contact: Dan Caron, Kingswood Regional HS
>dwcaron hotmail com
>Registration Fee: $10 optional, covers snacks and lunch
>Send to Dan Caron at the above address.
>NASA Registration at http://education.gsfc.nasa.gov/lMC/

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