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TheoryNet Summer Workshop

Hi present and future TheoryNet participants,
 We are planning a two-day Summer workshop on TheoryNet.  For those
already in the program, this will be an opportunity to assess last year's
experience and to set directions for the future of this program.  For
those new to the program, this will be a chance to get oriented and to
learn from those who conducted class room visits last year.
 The proposed dates are Aug 5-6 (Thur-Fri).  If you cannot make these
dates, please let me know what other dates might work for you.  It might be
difficult to find a time that can accomodate everyone.
 Here is a draft agenda (based on brainstorming with Rick):
Day 1
  - (re)introductions: new teachers should be prepared to say
 something about their schools and classes (typical preparation of
 students, etc.)
  - reports from last year's pairs: what you did, what worked
 well, what could be done better
 Afternoon: Theorists talking about what they do (part 1):  The idea
 here is for each theorist to prepare a ~30 min presenation about
 his own reasearch at a level appropriate for a high school class
 (not easy).  After each presentation, we can discuss frankly how to
 better adapt the presentations for the intended audience.  It will
 also be a chance to learn more about physics.  We should be able to
 have 2-3 presentations in the afternoon.
Day 2:
 Morning: Theorists talking about what they do (part 2): Presentations
 from theorist who did not get to speak on day 1
 Afternoon: Planning for the coming year(s)
 We need to looks at logistical questions like
  - optimal number and timing of visits
  - rotation of pairings?
  - use of teaching materials (books, cloud chambers, software
  simulations) in conjuction with visits
A nice outcome of the workshop would be a written report or mini-guidebook that
might be useful to others trying similar programs (and to newcomers to our own
program).  We can discuss the preparation of such a document.
 This is only a draft agenda, and suggestions are welcomed. 
 This email is being distributed to the TheoryNet list, plus three
additional high school teachers who have expressed interest in joining the
program: Michael Hirsch and Mike Hamblin (Needham H.S.) and Michael Wadness
(Medford H.S.).
 best regards,
Darien Wood, Physics Dept, 111 Dana Research Center
Northeastern University, Boston, MA 02115
voice: 617 373-2958, fax: 617 373-2943