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TheoryNet bussiness: projectors, stipends, classroom budgets

Hi TheoryNet particpants,
    The LCD projectors finally arrived and are in my office at Northeastern.  I am open to suggestions as to how to distribute them to the individual high schools.  For example, it would not be difficult for me to drop one off for each theorist at his university, and he could take it to the high school on his next visit.  If the theorists could contact me in advance of their next visits, I could arrange this.  In the mean time, if anyone is pass near Northeastern and want to pick up his projector, please let me know.
    Recall that we bugeted for stipends for the participating teachers.  I can arrange to have half of the money, and the remainder at the end of the summer meeting.  This works out to two installments of $210 each for each of the five teachers involved.  Teachers, please send me your
   Social Security number and
    Mailing address
    and I can start processing the stipends.
There is also money for up to four new teachers to join in the summer.
Finally, we budgeted $200 for each of the five schools for classroom supplies to benefit the program (books, videos, software, ...).  You can spend this at any time and then get reimbursed.  I will need orginal receipts to process the reimbursements.
        best regards,
Darien Wood, Physics Dept, 111 Dana Research Center
Northeastern University, Boston, MA 02115
voice: 617 373-2958, fax: 617 373-2943