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Re: [Emeriti-faculty] Freeman Dyson

I don't think I was supposed to receive this email, but I did--so I'll add my support for Freeman Dyson to speak at Tufts.

I know Freeman well, even to the point of having had dinner/lunch at each others' houses a number of times (the last being, at our home in Concord, when we struggled to reassemble a model of DNA that had broken, knowing that Swiss biologist Werner Arber was also coming to dinner, only to realize when he arrived that Werner had won the Nobel for discovering the enzyme that breaks down DNA--so we left the model broken!).

Some years ago, the Wright Center hosted a meeting (actually held at the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in Cambridge) in which Freeman spoke. His paper, on "Tolstoy, Napoleon and Gompers," was an original, offbeat piece and is published in "The 13th Labor: Improving Science Education," which I co-edited. I saw him more recently at Windsor Castle, where Martin Rees had gathered a small group to discuss maverick ideas in physics and astronomy--and he did not disappoint! Indeed, Freeman is bit of a maverick--even to the point nowadays of having become a Skeptic re global warming (see last year's NewYorker article)--but his talks are always original, provocative, and well delivered.

I regard Freeman as perhaps the greatest living physicist not to have won a Nobel--as you all know he was the 4th man out, after Feynman, Schwinger and Tomonaga. But I would hope that Larry wouldn't introduce him that way!

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Gary R. Goldstein wrote:
Bill, Of course we want Dyson to give a lecture here. He is one of the most outstanding theorists of the post-war years and someone who has written many interesting and provocative books and articles.

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Quoting Leon Gunther <l gunther tufts edu>:

Bill - Freeman Dyson is a brilliant physicist who is bound to give an interesting talk, even if you don't agree with him. And, I have seen him give a very interesting talk at MIT just a few years ago - so he still has a cogent mind.

On Aug 12, 2009, at 3:02 PM, William P. Oliver wrote:

Are there any comments?

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I am thinking of inviting Freeman Dyson to give a Snyder Lecturer.  I
assume you and your colleagues would be supportive of inviting him to


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