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Here is the information from UIT


below is from the postserve






Last spring, the university launched its Acrobat for Faculty Grants program.  Under this program, a copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional is made available at no cost to members of the faculty who submit grants and meet certain criteria specified by the Office of the Vice Provost. 


Copies of Adobe Acrobat Professional circulated under the Acrobat for Faculty Grants program are covered under a maintenance agreement.  This agreement entitles license holders to software upgrades when they become available.


This past June, Adobe released Acrobat 9, an upgrade to Acrobat 8.  Then in July, NIH certified Acrobat 9 for use with their grants.gov site.  Since participants in the Acrobat for Faculty Grants program are entitled to the software upgrade, we wanted to give you some advance notice of the upgrade’s availability before we contact those researchers participating in the program.


Within the next two weeks, UIT will be sending an email to all program participants making them aware of the availability of the upgrade.  In order to obtain the upgrade we will be adhering to the following procedure:


1.      Participants interested in upgrading their software will be asked to email uitsc tufts edu to request an upgrade.

2.      The UIT Support Center will approve/record the upgrade request and notify the appropriate software coordinator.

3.      We’ll then be requesting that the software coordinator arrange with the local FSP to have the upgrade installed.


All upgrade requests must be approved by the UIT Support Center and tracked centrally in order to ensure license compliance.  The installer for Acrobat 9 can be found on the Software share in the FSP folder. 


This procedure will allow us to continue tracking the licenses and will also help us ensure that the university gets the maximum value from its investment.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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