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[Emeriti-faculty] Computer orderng

Hi Faculty:

The Deans' Office has asked me to remind all faculty members that when you are ordering a new computer, you should first contact Bidiak Amana or Dan Modini, our ITS representative, to discuss the type of computer you would like to purchase. Bidiak or Dan will help you work up a quote which can then be submitted with a Purchase Requisition form to the Department Chair for review and approval. The quote should be sent to the Department Chair even if the computer will be purchased with non-departmental funds (such as Start up or an endowed chair account). Once approved, the form and the quote should be forwarded either directly to Purchasing or the office that manages the funds which will finance the computer.

Please do not purchase computers with personal credit cards or as an individual if you want Tufts funds to pay for the computer - you will not be reimbursed for any sales tax and personal income tax may be withheld on the reimbursement. Working with ITS and Purchasing is the best method of buying computer with Tufts money.

If you have any specific questions, please contact Divya Narayanan (7-4230) in the Deans' Office.