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[Emeriti-faculty] [Fwd: Re: Robinson 253 Projector]

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Office Environments tested the system in Robinson 253 this afternoon.
Hope and I were present as the technician removed the control panel,
tested the power source and tested the connections.  The room is now
functioning to its full capability with all connections and sound.

Please feel free to contact Classroom Support if you have any future

Cory Thomas
ITS-Classroom Support

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From: Roth, Hope 
Sent: Friday, April 03, 2009 4:57 PM
To: Zachary Amato; Classroom Support
Cc: gayle grant tufts edu
Subject: RE: Robinson 253 Projector

Hi Gayle,

Just to reiterate what we talked about when I stopped by, one of the
buttons on the wall panel is broken. I pulled the panel off to take a
look at it, but it will need to be serviced by the vendor.

The good news is, the room is still covered under our service contract.
Physical damage is usually not covered... but I convinced them that it
should be because there is no outward damage. They will be sending a
tech out to take a look at it. The ticket number is 9198.

The bad news, the first availability that they have when the room is
actually open is noon on Thursday. That room didn't have many open
blocks of time, so we had to settle for a later date. I'll try to sneak
in earlier in the week to see if we can get some sort of temporary
solution. In the meantime, I will send an email out to our list letting
people know that the room is currently down for users who need a


Hope Roth
Classroom Support
Tufts University
Phone: 617-627-5891

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From: Zachary Amato [mailto:Zachary Amato tufts edu] 
Sent: Friday, April 03, 2009 3:51 PM
To: Classroom Support
Subject: Robinson 253 Projector

Professor Gayle Grant ext: 75363 works for the Physics department and 
the professor who teaches at night (well thursday nights) always messes 
up the projector and now it does not work. I went over basic 
troubleshooting but she says it happens alot and she followed the 
directions but nothing worked. Two other professors also tried to get 
their laptops to work and got nothing.

This is in robinson 253 and she needs it fixed by monday at 9:00am at 
the latest.

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