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[Emeriti-faculty] Physics and Astronomy Colloquium tomorrow, Friday 11/21/08


There is a Colloquium tomorrow Friday 11/21/08.  Please see details below.

November 21, 2008
3:00 PM
Nelson Auditorium, Anderson 112

Tufts University
Physics and Astronomy &
Computer Science Colloquium

?Simple Cyberinfrastructure?

Saul Youssef
Center for Computational Science
Boston University

The overall problem of cyberinfrastructure can be viewed as this: How
can the internet be presented in a coherent, easy to understand, fully
functional way?  The problem does have a simple, essentially unique
solution based on a particular free recursive distributive lattice and
a hierarchical currency.  We will present the solution and demonstrate
a working system called "egg" and show, in particular, the egg view of
the U.S. ATLAS Northeast Tier2 center. Areas where theoretical work and
new systems development are needed will be discussed.

Refreshments at 2:30 PM in Burden Lounge, Anderson 108

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