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[Emeriti-faculty] [Fwd: email to physics and astronomy faculty]

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Hello Gayle, could you send this out to the physics and astronomy faculty? Thanks.



Subject: Physics tutors needed for Academic Resource Center


Hello all,


It was good to meet you yesterday at the faculty meeting. I hope we can come up with some effective and efficient ways of recruiting and retaining students.


One retention issue is student performance in intro science courses. If students don’t do well, many times they leave the sciences. This year we started a pilot tutoring program for Bio 13, and we would like to try something similar for Physics 1,2 and 11, 12.


What we need from you is to please encourage any student you feel would make a good tutor to sign up for tutoring in the spring. The ARC never has enough physics tutors, and we want to try and remedy this for next semester. If we get enough tutors, we can try some new things.


Please have any student you think would make a good tutor contact Robin Olinsky at robin olinsky tufts edu






Travis M. Brown

Program Manager, DILES

Tufts University

Anderson Hall, 102


travis brown tufts edu





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