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[Emeriti-faculty] Fwd: Travel Support for Chicago Meeting (Sept. 24th Deadline)

PLEASE read below in case any undergrads might be interested in receiving $ to attend the AAPT/AAAS meeting.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary White <gwhite aip org>
Date: September 23, 2008 1:41:21 PM EDT
To: Leon Gunther <l gunther tufts edu>
Subject: Travel Support for Chicago Meeting (Sept. 24th Deadline)
Reply-To: gwhite aip org

Greetings, Physicists!

ONLY 3 ITEMS, including a travel support deadline (tomorrow!) to AAPT/AAAS meeting in Chicago, IL, in February 2009.

1)  Your students can submit an undergraduate abstract for the joint AAPT/AAAS meeting in Chicago, IL, and SPS will help you get there with $200 of travel support for at least a dozen students.

Interested? Then follow these steps by September 24!

a)  Submit an abstract on your research, your outreach program, or other physics topics to:
http://www.aapt.org/events/abstractform.cfm .

b)  Send a request for travel support with a  copy of your abstract, to sps aip org , see http://www.spsnational.org/programs/awards/travel.htm for more details.

c)  We'll let you know within a few weeks the status of your request.

2)  And check out this new, free on-line publication,  "Physics" http://physics.aps.org.
Here's a message from the APS Editor- in-Chief below, about this new on-line publication, "Physics":
Dear SPS Member,
    I'm writing to make you aware of a new, free, online publication of the American Physical Society, called "Physics" http://physics.aps.org.
    Every week, APS publishes almost 400 articles, each being of interest to a large or small group of physicists.  It is easy to overlook an important article, and many papers are written at a level that only experts can understand.  In "Physics" we select a few outstanding articles each week, and invite an expert to write an introductory piece, called a "Viewpoint", that explains the context and background of the selected article. This helps non-specialists and students to understand and appreciate the new research article.  If you get interested and want to read the original journal article, we also make it free to download from the "Physics" website.  "Physics" also includes condensed review articles, called "Trends", that explain a field or area in which there has recently been a lot of research, and point out what is interesting about the field and where it might go
with further work.  "Synopses" of other important articles in our journals are written by our editors to highlight papers that they feel have special importance or interest.
    We have developed "Physics" with students in mind.  Many of you have only recently joined the physics community, and may not have chosen a field for further study.  The "Viewpoint" and "Trend" articles can help you to learn, not from a textbook, but from what active physicists are working on and find exciting.  Some of the articles will be easy for you to understand, and some more challenging, but we hope that you will be able to get from each a feeling for the excitement of learning and discovery that a career in physics will bring.
    "Physics" is a new adventure for us, and we hope you will take a look at http://physics.aps.org. Please send us your comments and suggestions for improvement to  physics aps org .


Gene D. Sprouse
Distinguished Professor of Physics(on leave), Stony Brook University
and Editor in Chief, American Physical Society

3) AND....Great news for prospective physics teachers; Noyce Scholarships available(see details below):

The American Physical Society (APS) and the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) recently won a $750K award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to provide Noyce Teacher scholarships to around 30 future physics teachers over the next five years. These teachers, who will receive up to $15,000 of scholarship support per year for up to two years, will be selected from institutions participating in the PhysTEC project. PhysTEC is led by APS, AAPT, and the American Institute of Physics (AIP), with the goal of increasing the number of qualified high school physics teachers in the U.S. For more information, see http://www.phystec.org/ .


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