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[Emeriti-faculty] [Fwd: Fwd: CERN Director General, Robert Aymar, speaks tomorrow, Thursday, Boston University]

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Dear Gayle,

If possible, please forward this to all faculty and students ASAP.

Thank you,
Bill Waller

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Subject: CERN Director General, Robert Aymar, speaks tomorrow, Thursday, Boston University
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Dear Bill,

This is a reminder that the CERN DG will give the 28th Edmonds Memorial
Lecture at the Boston University Science Center (590 Commonwealth
Avenue, 02215), Room 107, tomorrow at 3:30.  A reception at 3pm will
precede the event.  You will find the abstract for his talk below.

Hoping that you will be able to attend,


ps Please call 617 353 2600 if you need help with parking

The Future of Physics: challenges and opportunities at the Large Hadron

Robert Aymar

A corner stone of the Standard Model of particle physics has escaped
experimental verification:  the "Higgs" process that generates mass.  In
the absence of the Higgs, many theoretical extensions have been
proposed, such as supersymmetry, technicolor, and extra dimensions of
space. At the LHC, starting this summer, these hypotheses will be
confronted by experiment; indeed they all may be insufficient to
describe reality, opening the door to more discoveries.

The LHC will be described, showing its size and complexity.  I will
emphasize the three pillars of the project - the accelerator, the
detectors and grid-computing - as well its most salient feature: the
cooperation between the worldwide particle physics community to achieve
what will become the best human paradigm for future international
collaboration in science.

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