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[Emeriti-faculty] magna cum laude vote

Dear Colleagues, At our awards meeting last month we voted for summa candidates, but I had forgotten that action is also required for magna cum laude honors.

Lucas Walker will likely be eligible for magna honors, the requirements are:

*) A GPA of 3.60 - his is currently 3.66. *) six A or A- grades in the concentration, he currently has 7. *) recommendation on the basis of a departmental vote

Many of you know Lucas, he is a physics / philosophy double major who is doing a senior thesis in the philosophy/history of physics with George Smith. He was awarded the Ivan Galantic special prize in the humanities this spring for the breadth of his academic work. By Friday, Mar 28, please send me your vote (yes/no/abstain) on whether you support the recommendation of Lucas Walker for magna cum laude honors.