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Re: (ET) Alltraxed Electrac E12S with attachments for sale

Hi, Allen, 

where are you located? (Allentown? (Rimshot))


On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 4:21 PM, Allen Hunt <allenhunt_2000 yahoo com> wrote:
I don't mow the lawn anymore, and I really need the space.  The tractor has been converted to an alltrax controller.  I haven't run it in over 5 years, so the batteries are not any good.  I have a good mower deck, snow plow and handle lift for rear attachments too.  The bulbs have been converted to 36 volt.  The lift motor didn't work the last time I used it, but I bought another for it, and I might be able to find it, though I can't promise that.

Best to contact via email.  allenhunt_2000 (attttt) yahoo  com

Price is $850.


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