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Re: (ET) my new E12s update

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 Subject : Re: (ET) my new E12s update

 Date : Sat, 16 Aug 2008 23:37:18 -0400

 From : RJ Kanary <rjkanary nauticom net>

 To : e s <stupidemail5 lycos com>

 Cc : elec-trak cosmos phy tufts edu

Are you one of the folks that are running your ET on 3 twelve volt 
batteries ? If so, I think I've found your problem. 



And the Lincoln Locker is a bad idea if you you don't want your lawn to 
look like the tee area of a driving range.Plus you will probably break 


well it already does.....


Illinois Tool made the Duo-Trak® differential for the 2300 Peerless® 
trans axles used in other makes of tractors.Since the METI soon to be 
introduced product uses a Peerless® trans axle, maybe the differential 
is available as a retrofit. :)


we will have to see 


e s wrote:
> So I studied the manuals, looked over the conflicting schematics, and 
> scratched my head, and poof, first try, I jumped pins 4 and 5 on board 1 
> and off she goes. i shall have to see if one of our parts guys has a 
> good board, probably not the last problem I will have with it. 
> SO, next question. Has anyone ever welded the diff in one of these? Holy 
> crap, the thing is hopeless!!! Plenty of power, but it just can't put it 
> to the ground. I had to jump out the seat switch so I could get off an 
> PUSH. I will have to work on the switch also because I need to be able 
> to lean to give traction to the slipping wheel. Maybe Quaife will make a 
> Torsen diff for it! The tire pressure was mid 20's, so I put it down 
> around 10, more like the manual says, and it seemed better. Might need 
> some ballast. 
> The mower deck seems to dig, especially when backing, seems like the 
> brackets that hold the rollers in the back. Also, are the mounts 
> supposed to offer more resistance, one side seems to collapse pretty 
> easily, to the point that it will back into the front tire. 
> Keith
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