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Re: (ET) Modern Electric Tractor Inc Company

Is it too early to ask for an approximate price ?
Elsberry, MO

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Subject: (ET) Modern Electric Tractor Inc Company

To:  Elec-Trak Forum
   After lobbying many years to have a major corporation build a new innovative non-gasoline powered electric tractor without success, a group of us decided to take up the challenge and give it a try.  We have created Modern Electric Tractor Inc or METI.
  All of us are Elec-Trak "junkies" and believe there is a need to have a new machine on the market to replace the aging ones built in the early 1970's.  We believe that a modest priced reliable electric machine has a place in today's world.
  Our prototype is currently under construction using a state of the art controller, reliable DC motor technology, increased lift capability, and proven transmission for optimum drive wheel torque.  It will be built in Ohio.
  We have two goals.  Manufacture a custom electric tractor of new design which will be capable of using existing implements and accessories and to offer control and design improvements to keep the old ones operational.  This provides a unit that can operate on pennies a day instead of dollars per hour, be maintenance free, and provide a long service life.
  The Elec-Trak forum and website has provided us with inspiration to make this happen.
  We invite you to our website which is still under construction to keep track of our progress and watch us grow!
Board of Directors:
   Jerry Rhodes         Keith Stieg         Mark Frerking       Geof Thompson
   Larry Pellum           Steve Blaede       Mike Whedbee      Walt Konstanty