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Re: (ET) Circuit protection devices and wiring resistance

In general I'd suggest using a lower gear, which slows down the feed rate of the snow thrower, and keeps the power meter from being pegged in the red.

However... last winter I gave what sounds from Rob's description to be a later model unit a decent workout and tortured the tractor but never popped the breaker, even eating hard snow banks.

This year I have been trying what may be an earlier model, as over the past few days we've had a few snow storms to deal with. Like Joel, the first storm was all powder and I went along in "D" and it was almost fun to clear the long driveway. Did a pass during the storm and one later so never super deep.

Then the weekend storm was a nasty mix of ice & snow and it crusted over... it was hard to break through enough to get started, then seemed OK for a while, other than a fierce wind blowing it all back in my face. I did at one point take a long run chewing through ~12" of hard packed mess and part way through did pop the breaker. I realized that even going in "L" the meter had been pegged in the red, so after allowing it to cool and resetting, I continued in "LL". The meter stayed in the yellow and the breaker was happy. Once back in easier snow I upped the speed again.

Rob Brockway wrote:
When I first got my blower the original owner had bypassed the breaker. I ordered a replacement from Bill and installed it. I soon relized why it had been removed. On the first generation blowers (serial motor with external interconnects and motor mount without spring and pivot) the breaker really limits the usefullness of the unit. In powder it was ok but in wet snow it was a real problem. I replaced it with a converted two stage blower, but I miss the capacity to shread frozen snow banks.

Joel Parks wrote:
I had no trouble with the Thursday storm - I wasn't too agressive
    pushing into the powder and the pile at the end of the driveway
    was not too heavy.  But Sunday <snip>
    So I guess I over heated the protection device a few times -
    probably about 5 times in the course of an hour or so.

Jim Coate, Spencertown, New York

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