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Re: (ET) Solar Charge

Now I see it looks like in fact someone already has done this...


I have no relationship with this company, but I've found lots of 
products on their well organized website.  I particularly like the 
Solarsheat hot air collector idea, but I digress...

Anyway they have MPPT units for 36V from "Solar Converters" brand ranging 
from 5A about $100 to 40A about $600.  No mention of desulphation (what 
makes you think such a thing is worth extra money?) except that the 
apparently makes a stand-alone unit.

The MX-60 from this store is about $425...


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soltrak wrote:
> I am looking into getting a 36 volt 5amp solar charge control with MPPT
> and desuphation. Anyone already done this?

I use an Aussie Solarex SC18 charger on my trak, however since that time
Outback power has come out with their MX-60 or whatever it is solar
charger. It is MPPT, allows high voltage panels (100v if you would like)
and will charge 36 volt battery banks.


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