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Re: (ET) Powered cart

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Jeff,  I think a powered trailer is absolutely brilliant.  As for loosing steering, why not just put some weights on the front.  The Elec Trak weight box should slide right into the front like it does to the back.  Bob
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One of my planned uses for my E15 (if I ever finish it) is to use it to haul cordwood out my woods and I'm wondering how the traction will be. My only experience is pulling a 4x8 trailer full of cordwood on a rutted, snowy dirt road and when the trailer got hung up the front of the tractor would lift, I should have had the snowblower on there as a counter weight. But what about if it was muddy?

Since it appears that a locking diff is not an option I had 2 ideas. I have several spare transaxles and a couple extra drive motors. the transaxles have the brakes still on them.

Since I'll have an Alltrax with a dash pot, what about going with cutting brakes, that is a brake assembly on each axle, with a pedal on each side. That would give you the steering effect and you could also brake a wheel that has lost traction?

 The other idea is even more unlikely for me to ever do with my lack of time and mechanical skill, but... seems like it would solve both traction and the tractor nose coming up. What about a powered trailer? If I put a motor and transaxle under a trailer would I just fry my Alltrax if I tried to feed both motors from the one controller?

The pushers I've seen in the past are just for pushing
and don't seem to have an issue with a normal single point trailer ball hookup.

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