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Re: (ET) Mower Motor quit

This will also occur if the breaker opens. Although I doubt that is the

Also, if the blade is loose it will exhibit these same symptoms. Usually
though in my experience, a loose blade will completely unscrew itself and
fall to the ground when the motor gets shut off. However I could envision 
spinning and sounding like the motor is freewheeling without getting any

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Blossvale, NY

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> Dan Childress wrote:
> > Went home at noon and tried the mower.  All motors working.  
> However,

> > when I shut off the mower the center motor does not stop like the 
> > outside ones.  Continues to freewheel.  ??
> > Dan
> Still think it's the brushes. When you stop, it should short the motor 
> and
> stop it fast. However if the brush is barely connecting it would take
> to stop. It would also bog down on grass.
> Chris
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