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Re: (ET) 2 mower deck questions

Someone also made a massive tow behind reel mower system that was used for golf grounds. Might be able to find something like that used.


SteveS wrote:
Picture at :



Elie, Larry (L.D.) wrote:

1. One of the other submitters has built (with the help of Bill) a 5 blade deck. I'll let him tell the story if he chooses.
2. Wire it like the seat switch.
Larry Elie
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Dear Fellow ET'ers,
I have a couple questions that I hope someone out there has already implemented or given consideration. 1. Has anyone attached a second mower deck to an ET to effectively double the mowing capacity? My yard is pretty big (couple acres) and I would like to have a "quick attach" system to allow use of a second deck when applicable in large open areas. What is the best method to attach a second deck? What about the electronics - can the contactor and electronics support a second plug? 2. Has anyone installed a switch on the mower deck attachment arms in series with the brake switch? I find myself often acting too slowly when the deck catches something in our yard and am concerned that one of these times I will not react in time to prevent damage to the deck. Installing a limit switch in series with the brake on each of the arms to open when the arms are pushed back (when the deck engages something) will instantly stop the tractor motor - regardless how fast my foot hits the brake. If someone else has done this, I'd appreciate any suggestions regarding mounting, type of switch......
Thanks in advance for any replies.
Rich Rock
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