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(ET) tiller

The times rotate so as to drive the tractor ahead, they should be sharp on the edge that comes down ahead of the axle.

That chain is ok if it's any good, been using the same size for lotta years, I hook it in that notch with the tiller up to transport and it can also be used to hold the tiller at some depth shallower than "full bite"

I can take a pic of mine if you want.

I till in LL, anything else is too fast and the tiller will actually push the tractor, if the ground is really hard you should take about a half depth cut the first time, full dpth the next round. Don't till if the ground is wet, will make a horrible mess. If you try to till in "long stemmed" stuff it will wind on the blades, pain to cut off. Also, it can work into the seals where the shaft enters the gear box if you let it pack too tight.

Check to be sure the gear box has lube in it (that's where the chain is), I use hypoid gear oil, seems to work ok.

I just let the cord lay along the fender and over the footboard.